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  1. Svante Pääbo (Neanderthal Man *)
  2. Michael Palin (Sahara)
  3. Anthony Pagden.html (The Enlightenment)
  4. Andrew Parker (In the Blink of an Eye)
  5. Derek Parfit (Reasons and Persons *)
  6. Jeremy Paxman (Empire)
  7. Jeremy Paxman (The English)
  8. Jeremy Paxman (Great Britain's Great War
  9. Jeremy Paxman (The Political Animal)
  10. Arturo and Carlota Pérez-Reverte (El Capitán Alatriste [in Spanish])
  11. Arturo Pérez-Reverte (Limpieza de Sangre [in Spanish])
  12. Arturo Pérez-Reverte (La Piel del Tambor [in Spanish])
  13. Mark Pilkington (Miracle Men)
  14. Steven Pinker (The Blank Slate *)
  15. Steven Pinker (How the Mind Works)
  16. Susan Pockett (The Nature of Consciousness: A Hypothesis
  17. Roy Porter (Flesh in the Age of Reason *)
  18. Roy Porter (The Greatest Benefit to Mankind)
  19. Roy Porter (The Western Medical Tradition)
  20. Jan Potocki (The Saragossa Manuscript)
  21. Terry Pratchett (Small Gods)
  22. J.B. Priestley (The Carfitt Crisis)
  23. J.B. Priestley (The Shapes of Sleep)
  24. J.B. Priestley (Three Men in New Suits)
  25. John Price (Evolutionary Psychiatry *)
  26. John Price (Evolutionary Psychiatry - 2nd Edition *)
  27. John Price(3) (Prophets, Cults and Madness)
  28. Robert M.Price (Deconstructing Jesus)
  29. Robert M.Price (The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man)
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